16 Great Advice From Dachshunds About What To Do During Coronavirus Quarantine Period

Experts have identified the progression of coronavirus COVID-19 towards becoming pandemic, and it has occurred more rapidly than expected.😰😱

To stop the pandemic governments of many countries all over the world have ordered quarantine measures.

As a result, we should stay home from 1 week to 1 month and who knows for how much time more…🤔 So here are 16 great advice from Dachshunds about what to do in this period.😉

#1 Stay home.

#2 Try to limit contact with the outside world.

#3 Review the information about Covid-19 and its symptoms.

#4 Watch your well-being and measure your body temperature everyday.

#5 Cook something tasty for your family😋

#6 Make a list of movies or TV shows you want to watch but always have a lack of time, and watch them!

#7 Do yoga.

#8 Make an aysis of the wardrobe. You’ll be surprised how many clothes you`ll never wear again. So get rid of them!

#9 If you got ill, wear a mask.

#10 If you feel good but have to go outside, wear your mask!

#11 If you have to contact people, wear your mask!

#12 The quarantine is a great opportunity to educate yourselves.

#13 Don`t forget about your work. You should monitor what is going on.

#14 Play with your dog. He/she will be so happy!

#15 You know, sunshine is an essential source of vitamin D. But to go outside is not the only way to get it. So try to sunbathe staying near the window!

#16 Pay attention to your children, they miss you so much when you`re at work. So you have a chance to show them all your love now!😍