If you can talk and understand what your dachshund says, your life will be more interesting. Then you can know why your dachshund bark at a broom or hide beneath a bed when there are thunderstorms.

Recently, there are some signs found and they help us understand more about our dogs. These signs are not sure 100% correct but if you pay attention to them, you can understand how is love your dachshund wants to give to you.

1. Looking straight into your eyes

In a conversation, Brian Hare, a dachshund trainer said: “If the dog is trying to hug you with those eyes.  When you play with your dachshund, a hormone called oxytocin released and this hormone helps mothers and their children become more closely connected.

You can do this experiment: Let the dachshund play alone for a long time and look straight into his eyes. He will feel uncomfortable and turn away. But if you play with your dachshund and also look straight into his eyes and you will see the difference.