10 Different Ways Your Dachshund Can Stare At You And Its Meaning

It is time to go for a walk

If your dog has slept during a long period of time it is pretty sure that your pup wants to go for a walk.

You human, it is belly rub time.

Your dog just want some affection, if you have been out of your house the whole day, your dog will want to receive some affection from you at the moment of you arrive at home.

It is dinner time

Yes, most of us know and understand immediately the meaning of this expression. Our dog is hungry and wants to eat something delicious.

Do we play fetch the ball?

It is impossible to say *no* to our pup when they want to play with us.

Let’s go for a ride in the car.

One of the best things in our life is to enjoy and spend our time with our dog.

I’m feeling bad.

If there is something you must keep in mind is that your dog relies on you for comfort and security, as a result, help him to feel better in their bad moments.

Do we keep awake the whole night?

Haven’t you kept awake the whole night with your dog? Do it once, and you will see how fun it is.

Calm down human, you look stressed

If there is someone that can help us to feel better when we are stressed or sad is our dog.

You smell weird.

If you haven’t been with other dog, there is nothing to worry about. Your dog will only be staring at you during a lot of time trying to figure out who you smell weird.

You are all I have

As a dog owner you have to consider that dogs are loyal creatures, and they love unconditionally. Love your dog every day as much as he loves you.

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